Portencross is a location that is much loved, visited and revisited by people from far and wide. Many find it comforting and uplifting to spend time recalling past visits. You can remember your loved ones by making them 'Guardians' of the Castle in memoriam, or by having an entry on this web page, remembering their association with Portencross and its Castle.


The Castle and adjoining land is designated by Historic Environment Scotland as a Scheduled Monument. This provides statutory protection, recognising its cultural importance at a national level. It is an offence to attach anything to the castle walls or the surrounding rocks and stones which are of archaeological importance.
However, FOPC is well aware that the area is much loved and visited and revisited by people from far and wide. Many find it comforting and uplifting to spend time recalling past visits. We have received many requests to site memorial benches or plaques in the area, but made the decision in 2010 that the ‘New Life’ should prevail and that the place should not become one for sad memories. Accordingly, and recognising the site’s cultural prominence, we cannot allow benches, plaques or plantings such as flowers or bulbs at the Castle and its surroundings. If cut flowers are left, please remove any non-biodegradable packaging so that the flowers can decay and disperse naturally. 
If you wish to commemorate a loved one’s association with Portencross, you may wish to make them a Guardian in memoriam or have an entry on the ‘Memorials’ page of this website. If you wish them to become a Guardian in memoriam, please click on the ‘Donate’ link above and complete a Guardian form to make a regular donation. Your loved one’s name will appear in the Book of Guardians displayed in the Castle and the flag will fly on their birthday. If you wish to have an entry on this ‘Memorials’ page, please just drop us a line by using the ‘Get in touch’ link below. You should include an appropriate picture of your choice and a short memorial text (maximum 60 words) to include your loved one’s association with Portencross. FOPC would appreciate a donation in such cases to help us maintain the Castle, its website and other resources for the future. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button above or by becoming a Guardian.

Walter V. Kolon

It is with great sadness that we have to report the recent death of Walter Kolon. Walter was Founding Chairman of Friends of Portencross Castle and made a huge contribution to the Castle project. Born in San Francisco, Walter was a US Army Lieutenant Colonel and had an illustrious career beginning with engagement in the Korean War. His experience and heritage made him a great asset to various aspects of the armed services. When he left the services, Walter set up his own business advising commercial businesses on security. He was an expert in martial arts. Overall, Walter had a long and interesting life before finally settling in Portencross, given that he could have settled in many other places in the world. With his wife Audrey, Walter entertained friends and guests from across the globe with presence, grace and civility. He will long be remembered and greatly missed by family and friends from far and wide. 

Margaret McKee

You may have noticed the Castle flag at half-mast on the first week in January 2024. It was to honour the funeral of Margaret McKee.

Alastair Glen

Friends of Portencross Castle are sad to let you know that Alastair Glen, our former Chairperson, died on 7th September 2022. Alastair was a driving