Donate or become a Guardian of Portencross Castle

We remain open with the help of donations, regular contributions from our Guardians and by holding events and functions, many at the Castle itself.

Funding Portencross Castle

Friends of Portencross Castle have to raise costs for staff, maintenance, education materials, its website and overheads.
We will remain open with the help of donations, regular contributions from our Guardians and by having events and functions, some at the Castle itself. We appreciate the donations given by those who visit the castle too: please give generously.
FOPC is very grateful for the vital support of the public by way of donations and attendance at fundraising events. If you would be willing to give more regular support, then please consider becoming a Guardian of Portencross Castle.

Donations to FOPC

If you would like to make a one-off donation, you can do this by clicking on an amount as shown by the buttons below or choose an amount yourself that you think is appropriate.
Stripe is a well-recognised and secure payment system. Just complete the prompts for your bank details as they appear. None of your details are kept by FOPC.
Alternatively, please send donations by cheque or postal order to:
Auldhill Cottage, Portencross,
West Kilbride,
KA23 9QA.
Or use the following bank details to donate using your Banking App:
Friends of Portencross Castle, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sort Code 83-28-04, Account Number 00123213.

One Time Donations

Portencross Castle Guardians

Guardians make regular donations to help maintain and keep the Castle open.
Most of the Guardians pay small monthly amounts by Standing Order. You decide on the level of monthly contributions. The income from small regular payments is very valuable to the long term FOPC Business Plan and helps to safeguard the future of the castle as a high-quality visitor attraction and cultural resource.
Or you might prefer to make a one-off payment (currently £200), to become a Guardian for Life. Some people give this as an interesting and unusual gift for a special occasion or in memory of a loved one.
If you become a Guardian you will receive:
  • A Certificate of Guardianship
  • Entry in the Book of Guardians, to be kept in Portencross Castle, arranged according to birthday (year optional).
    In honour of your support, the flag will be flown above the castle each year on your birthday
  • Invitation to occasional special events, and priority booking for other events
  • Regular informal newsletters.

To become a Guardian

Please complete the online form below and follow the steps required after clicking the ‘Complete Donation’ button to set up the monthly donation and become a Guardian.
You can choose to contribute a one-off donation of £200 to become a Guardian for Life.


Please download and complete our application form and send it to:
Auldhill Cottage, Portencross,
West Kilbride,
KA23 9QA.
Please complete this online form and set up the monthly donation to become a Guardian.
You can choose to contribute a one-off donation of £200 to become a Guardian for Life.

Portencross Guardians Online Application Form

Please complete the form below. Then click the button of your choice.
The Guardian button will take you to the GoCardless site to allow you to set up a monthly payment of your choice and become a Guardian.
The Guardian for Life button will take you to the Stripe site to allow you to contribute a one-time payment of £200 and be a Guardian for Life.
Select a monthly contribution to become a Guardian.
If you pay income tax at least equal to this amount, FOPC can reclaim the tax you have paid on this donation under the Gift Aid scheme, currently 28p for each pound given.
Please complete the following declaration if you agree to this.

You can cancel this declaration at any time by notifying FOPC. Please notify FOPC if you change your name or address. You can contact us at the above address or through our website

Annual Art Show

Every year, Friends Of Portencross Castle holds and an annual art show in the Castle itself. It has become a well-known event in the local area and more widely. 
At the art show, local artists have the opportunity to show and to sell their artwork. The items include paintings with a range of media, drawings and three-dimensional works. Visitors have the opportunity to have tea, coffee and home baking along with other snacks in a marquee set up in a local resident’s beautiful garden.

Live Music

Occasionally, FOPC holds events with live music in the Castle. As the Castle has a strict limit on the number of people allowed in at any one time, tickets are rare and much sought after.
Look out for details of our events on this News & Events page or on our Facebook page. You can contact us at any time via Facebook or by using the Contact Us button above.

Crafts & Markets

FOPC is fortunate in having the generous support of the local community. One local resident organises annual events, including an annual Craft in the Garden fundraiser. 
At this annual event, members of the local community get together to set up a marquee. Some of  the tables and furniture are supplied by the local community centre. Artists then set up stalls to sell a wide range of art and craft items. Look out for news of this event on our website and on our Facebook page.

Ceilidhs and
Music Nights

From time to time, FOPC will organise a ceilidh or music night to raise funds for the running and maintenance of Portencross Castle. Music can be performed by a fiddle orchestra or by the ‘world famous’ Fencebay Band.
The ceilidh may be held out of doors in good weather and the music night in the barn along at Fins Restaurant in Fairlie. As with other events, tickets are limited and very popular. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or the New & Events page of this website.

Tours and Presentations

FOPC receives requests from a range of groups and organisations for private tours of the Castle. Such groups include schools, colleges, universities, historical or clan organisations and other clubs. If you would like a personal or private group tour, please use the Contact Us link above for more information.
Some groups or organisations request talks or presentations from FOPC. We have volunteers who do such talks and presentations which usually deal with the history and broader story of Portencross Castle and the surrounding area. Let us know what you would like and we can give you more information.

Friends of
Portencross Castle

FOPC is a Scottish Charity (No. SC028181) dedicated to conserving the castle and providing access to the building.

In 2007 FOPC was awarded grant support from The Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland and the Architectural Heritage Fund. With additional support from local charities, North Ayrshire Council and many individuals, FOPC was able to raise just over £1 million pounds for the costs of the project.