Castle Hire Facilities

Portencross Castle is an ideal location for Weddings, Photo Shoots, Film Shoots, Exhibitions, Live Music, Historic Re-enactments, and Community Events.
With Art Exhibitions, Markets, Ceilidhs, and other events throughout the year, be sure to follow us on Facebook or contact us for an event of your own.


What better possible location can you imagine than a medieval castle on a rocky promontory beside the sea while looking out to the Scottish Islands?
As far as wedding venues go, Portencross Castle is hard to beat.
For amazing wedding photographs, you can use the Castle surroundings, the Great Hall and, of course, the viewing platform on the roof. You can also use the Castle surroundings just for photographs for a donation to help us maintain the Castle.
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Private Events

Individuals, couples, families and groups of friends and acquaintances have made use of the historic and romantic atmosphere of the Castle to hold private events. Just savour the surroundings while celebrating at the same time.
These private events have included renewal of vows, significant birthdays, memorial celebrations and even funerals.
If you are interested, do contact us for details of hiring our space.

Filming and photoshoots

Portencross Castle and its surrounding area are ideal locations for filming. The Castle has been used by a number of producers because of its atmosphere and amazing visual impact. The surrounds are also a great backdrop for photoshoots.
The area was used as a location for Outlaw King which was about Robert the Bruce. Other buildings and features in the area have been used for favourites such as Taggart. 
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Live Music

Portencross Castle provides an atmospheric background and complimentary environment for all sorts of musical events with or without recording.
The Castle and surrounds have hosted a range of live music events. These events have featured: solo voice; solo violin; fiddle orchestra; harp; lone piper; and full pipe band.
For more information about hiring our space, please contact us.

Corporate Events

No matter what industry or service you are in, we sometimes need a break from work for training or team building. Portencross Castle and its surroundings are ideal as a setting for your event. 
Rather than the usual corporate hotel, conference suite or meeting room, go off-grid and enjoy the different setting, ambiance and challenge. Just get out your comfort zone for a bit. 
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